Gina Moffa, LCSW, MA

Clinical Director of the Addiction Institute of NY at Mt. Sinai- St. Luke's Hospital; Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Manhattan

As a psychotherapist in New York City, I appreciate the therapeutic benefits of free writing, and adding exploration can bring out idle emotions, which have possibly been stuck for many years. This was a unique experiment for which has inspired me in a multitude of ways in my business and personal creative life. All I can say is that an enormous inner shift occurred. I could not recommend Karen Kasaba's Guided Writing Tours more - if you are looking for the unexpected, for the inspiring, for the creative in-the-moment burst of "ah-ha", then I believe this is the path for you (and it is not just for professional writers, but anyone who wants to get out of the box a little and explore profound life themes). It certainly is something I would look to do again on my next trip west.

Victoria Hemingson, MFA


Karen Kasaba's Guided Writing Tour helped pull me out of my writing rut! Karen is supportive and encouraging and her prompts are whimsical and fun. I recently participated in her "NOW" tour and ended up with the beginning of a new short story! 

Deborah A. Lott, MA

Author of In Session: The Bond Between Women and Their Therapists

Karen Kasaba's Guided Writing Tour to the Hammer Museum was fun, entertaining, enlightening, and helped me see and approach my writing from a whole new perspective. Karen is a gifted guide. As other members of the tour shared their responses, I could see just how one-of-a-kind each of our voices is, and how it can open up our work and our lives to share them in this kind of safe setting. I can't wait to go on the next one!

Karen's Guided Writing Tour was like an oasis in the urban jungle. It created a clear creative space where there hadn't been one before. I had no idea what I was going to write about and the pre-writing sit-down / reading / chat was a great way to relax, take a deep mental breath and be assured that whatever came of the whole thing would be a positive and valuable discovery. I really liked that we had the time to find our own spot and write...whatever...before we had the headlining experience (in this case riding the Griffith mini- train, which put a perpetual grin on my face) and then had the time to write some more afterward & see what effects the experience had. Re-gathering, reading aloud and discussing was a great way to flesh out and understand what had come out of it for each of us. Since I hadn't written for awhile it definitely re-generated and freed-up the thought-to-page flow...I had certainly taken a little ride to a new & different station by the time it was over. Karen is a really attentive, intuitive and encouraging guide and lest I forget to mention it, the guided writing tour is just a whole lot of FUN!

Michael Gough


I was a bit wary as I’m not a “writer,” although I do have to write for my work. The experience, and Karen’s special way to draw me into the writing, was wonderful. I did have resistance to begin writing on my blank page at first. Thoughts came up like “No,” “I don't want to,”  "I don’t know how, I don’t know what.” But then I decided to just put my pen on the paper and start moving my hand. WELL…I started to write. And write. And write. Filling pages, until it was time to stop. The sharing was great, I really loved our giving group, got wonderful feedback and ahas, and got to hear what others discovered. The Psychic Eye reading itself was terrific and a very neat experience. And writing afterwards in the charming and welcoming Rumi Cafe was truly amazing. We had Rumi special tea made right at our table…and the thoughts and words filled the pages again. I discovered many things, and got clearer and closer to what MY transformational promise is as a coach. And got a so much accomplished on the Talk that I’ve been trying to write on my own for a long while now. It was truly amazing.  The discovery, the shift, the growth in one afternoon on this Guided Writing Tour was more than I expected! And I got a wonderful souvenir. The opening of a channel to me, previously not seen.

Sheryl Bernstein

Certified Law of Attraction Coach; Sheryl Bernstein Coaching, Owner

I highly recommend Karen's amazing Guided Writing Tours. I've done one so far and got so much out of it. 

Danny Miller


Bryan Deschart

Deschart Photography

Working with Karen on our Guided Writing Tour was a wonderful experience. My writing partner and I were able to make some serious progress discovering the structure of our script.  The Hammer Museum was an inspiring and relaxing place to take our project to the next level. I especially appreciate Karen's ability to custom tailor her writing prompts and work as a helpful sounding board to get our ideas onto the page.  I would recommend Karen's Writing Tours to other new writers like myself, she inspires confidence and excitement about the process.